Heartful Earth Cuisine offers Personal Wellness Chef services that include meal planning and in home chef services, nutritious & healthy recipes, cooking lessons, demos & workshops and learn to cook parties, gut health, Kombucha, Kefir and fermented food workshops, special family dinners, romantic dinners, recipe creation & consulting and free introduction to essential oils classes.

Custom and Personalized menu, meal plans and services
Global and fusion cuisine
Nutrient dense, nutrition focused and wellness promoting foods
Farm to table, Local, Organic, Whole food based
Gluten Free, Paleo, Vegan, Plant based, Vegetarian.

In Home Personal Chef Service -Service Fee  starting at $250 plus Grocery cost

This includes customized menu planning based on your preferences and needs, grocery shopping, food preparation in your home, packaging and clean up. Frequency can be weekly or per your needs.

Personalized Cooking Workshop -Service Fee starting at $200 plus Grocery  or Supplies costs

Group or individual cooking workshop customized to your needs and conducted at your venue or home kitchen.Menu plan, grocery shopping in included.

The cooking workshop will be personalized to meet your health and wellness goals, your tastes and your learning goals.

Some ideas and options for Cooking workshops:

  1. Gut health workshop with focus on fermentation and probiotics via food sources: This includes learning to make your own Kombucha and Water Kefir. Also learn how to make your own home made bone broth from scratch.
  2. Coming soon- Ethiopian Cooking Workshop (Plant based/Vegan and Gluten Free covered here)
  3. Gluten Free cooking workshop
  4. Vegan and Plant based cooking workshop
  5. Incorporating more nutrients and vegetables in your diet workshop
  6. Quick and Easy weekday meals for busy families
  7. Coming soon- Cooking healthy for your family and kids
  8. May add on Bone Broth making from scratch to any workshop, along with fermentation.
  9. Essential oils in your kitchen- cooking and other uses for the kitchen and home
  10. Kombucha Kefir recipes and “mocktail-kocktails”!
  11. Children’s workshop –  Eating the Rainbow and Growing Our Food
  12. Coming soon The 3 Ks gut health workshop- Learn to make your own “Kanji” .. learn about the 3 Ks to keep your gut healthy.. Kombucha, Kanji and Kefir.

Speaking Engagements -Corporate events, Wellness center events and volunteering in the community Complimentary and Paid options-Pricing may vary

Food and wellness with food related speaking engagements with or without food demo, as well as Corporate wellness events. I do love to volunteer at some of these events and some are paid. Please contact me on Facebook if you would like me to come speak at your Company’s health event or Business event or Wellness center or Gym or  a Mom’s group family and friends gathering or your custom event. For some previous events visit previous speaking engagements. Topics include but are not limited to:

  1. Incorporating more nutrients and vegetables in your diet workshop/talk
  2. Quick and Easy weekday meals for busy families
  3. Coming soon- Cooking healthy for your family and kids
  4. Foods, cooking and fermentation for Gut Health and the Microbiome

Introduction to Essential Oils Workshop – Complimentary

Group or one on one session/workshop to cover what is an essential oil, why and how to use them in your home, for healthy and non toxic living, use to support health, in cooking and home made products.

Personal Essential Oils Wellness Consult- Coming soon

This is a personalized consult and a review of basic use of essential oils focused on your specific health goals. This is a paid one  on one session in person or via Skype.


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