Heartfelt Notes

I am calling my testimonial page Heartfelt Notes! Its messages like these that inspire me to keep on doing the job that I already love! Helping people promote health with food.

Thank you to everyone who has sent me such sweet and thoughtful feedback. I love hearing from you.


“Anisha’s joy in cooking is obvious from the moment you meet her and the meals she prepares for me week after week are consistently delicious.  Before each “cook day” she emails me a variety of mouthwatering menu selections . I make my choices (not an easy task because I want them all) and a few days later she arrives to fill my kitchen with wonderful aromas and succulent dishes beautifully presented.  Anisha is well organized,  punctual, completely trustworthy,  kind and creative.  I am thrilled that I found her.

Mary H, Museum District, Houston TX”

Many many thanks for yesterday,”


Anisha took the time to understand my needs and what my diet and health goals were. We thoroughly reviewed the foods that I liked, disliked, tried and haven’t tried to determine the best recipes for my liking. She takes the time to shop at the healthiest and most cost efficient stores and cooks the meals right in my home. The food is delicious and I feel much better when I stick to her meals and avoid unhealthy options. The cost for her services are very reasonable too as I find eating out at restaurants or grabbing something quick and on-the-go can easily add up. She always leaves my meals neatly packed and labeled and my kitchen cleaned after she cooks. Anisha has been very flexible with my schedule and has even cooked for me while I was out of town for work. She is trustworthy and I enjoy our business relationship. I would highly recommend Anisha and Heartful Earth Cuisine. “- LC, Houston, TX.


I want to say Thank you!!! You are so inspiring! You have inspired me to begin eating better and taking care of my health. This morning I made scrambled eggs with chard, spinach and a little onions with a side of bone broth and it was fabulous! 

Lacey C. , Houston Tx

I hired Chef Anisha to create vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free meals for our family. Anisha engages with our needs and designs creative, well-seasoned recipes – with new menu items every week.

Anisha’s friendly and pleasant demeanor is matched by her professionalism: she is always punctual, efficient, and organized. She expertly utilizes the groceries I already have (saving time and money), and she cleans the kitchen spotless after each preparation.

The kids absolutely love her food. We are delighted each time she visits, and we all look forward to every delicious meal she makes.” 

-Best regards, Dr Daniela Group

“I have never been one who loves to cook, mostly because I didn’t know how.  This workshop not only has me motivated to make healthier foods for my family, but it has showed me how easy it can be with out of this world taste.  I look forward to many more workshops with Heartful Earth Cuisine.”

– Lauren A. Houston TX.

“Anisha designed a weekly meal plan for my family in order to help us eat healthy, delicious meals without having to figure out what to cook.  She went grocery shopping then came to our house to prepare and cook several of the meals in advance.  She even organized and labeled everything she put in the refrigerator.  Our kids tried a few new food items because Anisha made it look and taste so appealing!”

– Leslie Marchand, Houston TX, Whitehurst Heritage Farms & SoYoCo Wellness

“I love Anisha’s recipes! The creamy cilantro mint dressing has become a staple in my fridge! I also love the mixes of vegetables Anisha uses”

-Angela C, Houston TX.

” I just met Anisha at an American Heart Association event end of last year. She was very knowledgeable and prepared a phenomenal Quinoa dish I will be making at home very soon.”

-Alma W, Houston TX.

“If you want to learn from an awesome personal chef call my friend Anisha Anand! She did an amazing job on short notice! She rocked the food! She can make you a culinary queen with whole foods “

-Cherise Clary Scally
Nutritional Health Coach, Houston, TX

“You always inspire me to eat healthy!! I finally made some beautiful colorful salads tonight and they were yummy!! Even my kids loved them.”

-Rebecca, South Africa.