Herbed Cucumber Smoothie


Thanks to Loam Agronomics I got a new green to try this summer and also cooling, fresh and local cucumbers.  This herb is called Papaloquelite and has a very interesting flavor- it is not like any other herb.. but because it is quite strong.. I could say if you mixed up arugula and cilantro and maybe even parsley, it may still be hard to get its exact flavor.. because Papalo (if I may shorten it!) is quite unique!

Here is a shot of Papalo for you. I used it in my smoothie with cucumbers and mint. However if you don’t have Papalo you may use cilantro or parsley.

This herbed cucumber smoothie is very nourishing, refreshing, loaded with plant nutrients and fiber too, perfect for a hot summer day.




1 large or 2 small cucumbers rough cut

1 stalk celery

A few slices of ginger (I use a big piece since I love ginger!)

1/2 lime peeled

1.5 cups water or water kefir or coconut water (add more water if smoothie is too thick)

1-2 cups ice

1-2 tablespoons chia seeds

4-6 leaves mint

A handful or Papalo leaves or Cilantro or Parsley

1/4 cup fresh or frozen pineapple (add more if you need more sweetness to the drink)


Blend everything but the ice in the blender until smooth. Then pop in the ice  and blend till ice is all blended to make it extra chilled and refreshing! This makes one large serving or two smaller cups. As always adjust the amount of herbs, lime, ginger and water to suit your tastes.


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