Earth Day Tips from my Kitchen to Yours!

How about we start with what is Earth Day and why should we care? Here is a good link on the history of Earth Day.

So how can we be better to the earth and to ourselves this year?  Reduce waste and increase reuse! I am sharing some of my simple and easy to implement ideas for Earth Day, from my kitchen to yours-

  1. Always think of using every part of your fruits and vegetables. Specially, if you are buying organic and from a local farm, its best to use all of the produce and be thankful for the earth’s bounty! Be sure to verify it is edible and safe to consume. Did you know you can eat watermelon rind and avocado seeds too?  I will be sharing my cooked watermelon rind recipe soon! And this is a news article on how to eat avocado seeds!IMG_3048
  2. On that note.. what do you do with your carrot tops and beet tops for example? Off late I have been really enjoying cooked beet greens with roasted beets added in. Don’t these beet tops look too gorgeous to toss, specially when they can provide us nutrients? They are incredibly rich in nutrients, concentrated in vitamins and minerals as well as carotenoids such as beta-carotene and lutein/zeaxanthin. More about beets here.IMG_0828-001.JPG Also try my recipe for a creamy carrot top pesto! What else can you do with carrot tops? Here is another idea from Vegetarian Times.
  3. Another way to avoid and minimize waste is to save ALL your  edible vegetable scraps! IMG_0892-001Yes all of them. If you are  vegan or vegetarian you can make a delicious vegetable broth. If you eat meat save all the bones and vegetables and make a good bone broth. I usually keep a scrap jar in my freezer and keep adding the vegetables to it. When I have time or when I have plenty I make broth! You can also compost. That is something I need to learn more about and implement.
  4. What do you use to clean your kitchen with? This is something I started a few years ago: making my own kitchen cleaner. It is simple, earth friendly,  chemical free and yes could be edible!11016815_293918897399026_6657161196308028154_oHere is a photo of a glass bottle I re-purposed last year and it still sits around in my kitchen! Save all your lemon and orange rinds, cut them up into smaller pieces fill a glass jar or bottle with them half way or so. Then fill the rest with white vinegar. Let sit for a few weeks or longer and its ready to use. I use 1 part of my home made citrus vinegar with 3-4 parts water in a spray bottle as my kitchen counter and tile cleaner. The best part about it is that it smells good and doesn’t have an after smell of vinegar, not to mention the savings on buying cleaners and the fact that its chemical free! Good for us and good for the earth. We can reuse the same glass jar and spray bottle over and over, just buy a gallon of white vinegar and it goes a long way. I also use essential oils to make a disinfecting cleaner and if you wish to know more please message me on Facebook I will give you a free session or workshop on essential oils and how I use them.
  5. My personal goal has been to eat 6-9 servings of vegetables a day (this is inspired by Dr. Terry Wahls and if you don’t know her very inspiring story read on at the link). Now that may seem like  lofty goal but its work in progress. We all know eating vegetables is good for us right? Do we really know how our food choices impact the earth? This is a great info graphic via the Environmental Working Group on making smart eating choices. Whats good for the earth is also good for us. Click here to view the info graphic.

I hope you will consider implementing some of these if you already haven’t yet.. and sharing with your family and friends. If you have tips and ideas I would love to hear from you! Please message me on my Facebook page with your ideas! Thank you for reading and we can make everyday Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day!




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